Photoshoot Picture

Just posting this picture I found on the internet. I'm pretty sure it's new, but I have no idea who is the photographer that took it, so if anyone know, please tell me so I can give the credits and everything.

Tia Carrere to host the pre-telecast

Just like last year, Tia will be hosting the Grammy Awards pre-telecast ceremony tomorrow, January 31st, 2010.
The ceremony is going to be streamed live at, starting at 1 p.m. PT.
This year Tia will be co-hosting the pre-telecast with Kurt Elling, that is also a nominee.

SAG Awards

Tia also attended the 2010 SAG Awards on January 23, 2010.

Gallery link for the pictures

Premiere of "Legion"

Tia attended the premire of "Legion" on January 21st, 2010.


Starbulletin articles

There are a few articles on mentioning Tia and they're quite intersting, some of them feature interviews with Tia and everything. Since there are three or four of them I just thought of putting them all together in one post.

Here are the links:

Article 1 (From December 31st, 2009)

Article 2 (From January 1st, 2010)

Article 3 (From January 8, 2010)

Article 4 (From January 15, 2010)

The third one is actually the best, but the links are posted here if you want to take a look anyway.

Out in shiny pants

Just some candid pictures of Tia on December 21, 2009.


Interview by interviewed celebrities that attented the Hollywood Celebrities Show in Illinois on October 17th, 2009 and Tia was among those interviewed.

HC: When you first started out, what was one of the most nerve-racking experiences regarding appearing before a camera?
Tia Carrere: The most difficult thing I had to do was on my first film, when I had to cry on cue. I’d never had done any acting before, so someone said just think of something really sad and make pretend. And that’s what I did. I cried. It was fun but kind of scary because I’d never done it before.

HC: What is the most enjoyable thing, and what is a bummer, about being a sex symbol?
TC: The great thing is that the beauty, youth and sex symbol aspect gets you in the door, but if you come through it at a certain age, they can judge you against that for years to come. They will look at you in pictures, and say ‘she doesn’t look like that anymore!’

HC: What is more enjoyable for you, comedy or drama?
TC: I like playing villains, so that’s drama I guess (laughs). There is that old adage, ‘dying is easy, comedy is hard’ and that’s true.

HC: How does your Filipino heritage influence your life and work?
TC: I am the descendent of people who came to the United States to work in the plantations of Hawaii. I have a good strong work ethic, a good sense of self and I’m very thankful of where I am today because of that.


Launch party for "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty"

First of all, I'm sorry I haven't been posting here. Now, on with the news.

Tia attended the launch party for the reality show "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" in Hollywood on December 9, 2009 and here are the only pictures I could find.


Just a note!

I just want to tell you guys that I didn't abandon this blog. It's just that I'm on school vacation and I'm travelling around, and to top it off my computer has also broken so I haven't had the time to post here but soon I'll make up for this time I haven't been posting.

By the way, I didn't forget about Tia's birthday, on January 2nd. She turned 43. I wish her all the best and I also with to be as beautiful as she is when I'm her age. lol

I 'll be back soon.


52nd Grammy Awards Nominations

The list of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Nominees was already released and guess what? Tia was nominated again!
Tia Carrere and Daniel Ho both won a Grammy for 'Ikena in the 51st Annual Grammy Awards (in the category "Best Hawaiian Music Album") and were now nominated again, this time for He Nani. Do not forget that they were also nominated for Hawaiiana in the 50th Annual Grammy Awards.
Tia's really working on getting invited for the Grammys every year, as she said once.
It's time now for us to cross our fingers and hope they win again.

Best Hawaiian Music Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

* He Nani
Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho
[Daniel Ho Creations]

* Friends & Family Of Hawai`i
Amy Hanaiali`i
[UA Records]

* Nani Mau Loa: Everlasting Beauty
[Ho`omau Inc.]

* Masters Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume 2
(Various Artists)
Daniel Ho, George Kahumoku, Jr., Paul Konwiser & Wayne Wong, producers
[Daniel Ho Creations]

Full List Here